The speed limit from the time you come through the gates is 5 MPH. This is a family friendly campground, there will be 5 MPHchildren riding bikes. Speeding WILL NOT be tolerated!

Street Legal ATVs, UTVS, Motorcycles, and Dirt bikes are allowed at Mary's Place HOWEVER all state laws have to be followed and that includes wearing a helmet! No children or under aged drivers are allowed! No joy riding in the campground, anyone making loops will be asked to permanently park their vehicle beside the A-Frame for the duration of their visit.

Fires are allowed pending there isn't a fire ban in process. We have some sites with fire pits and some portable fire pits for rent. You are allowed to bring your own firepit. Please ask the camp host where to set your firepit before starting fires. all wood must fit in the firepit and must not be rubbish material (pallets, construction materials) or anything other than firewood (cigarettes, glass, cans). This will result in a $25 cleaning fee.

Please keep all animals on leash throughout the park. we only allow well behaved and social animals at Mary's Place. We do have a pet area where they can come off leash. Please pick up after your pet and dispose of droppings. Do not leave your pet tied up outside unattended as this can be annoying to your neighbors. Do not leave dog food outside, racoons and skunks love dog food! No pets allowed in the bathrooms!

After dark please keep children in your campsite, this includes bike riding. it is difficult to see children darting in and out of the campsites during the day, its impossible at night.

Bathrooms & showers are for registered campers. Please pick up after yourselves and dispose of all trash.  No washing dishes in the bathrooms sinks, if you need somewhere to tidy up let a camp host know. No smoking in the bathrooms please.

Quiet Time Hours begin at 10 PM weekdays and 11 PM weekends and holidays. Please make sure that you are courteous of your neighbors! If you have a super loud exhaust system you will be asked to park your vehicle by the A Frame as to not disturb others.

All visitors are to register in the office and must leave before quiet hours begin.

This is a family friendly campground so please keep in mind that there will be laughing, sitting by the bon fire, and general noise. But excessive behaviors will not be tolerated. Be respectful and have fun!

Please keep all belongs inside your campsite. If you impose into another campsite, your belongings will be moved or asked to move. This is a courtesy to campers that may be arriving later in the evening.

No guns, bb guns, etc allowed.

No washing rvs or trucks permitted.

The Camp Hosts have everyone's and the campground's best interest, if they forsee any problems they will ask you politley to correct it. If you choose not to then you will be asked to leave without refund.

Thank You

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